Jack the Cat

Jester Jack

Jack the cat was one of our pets for 12.5 years. He passed away this week from liver cancer. He was the favorite pet of all three of my sons and they will miss him terribly.

Jack was a different kind of cat. Cats can be aloof and think they are the owners, but not Jack. Jack would come when you called his name, just like a dog. He was friendly to everyone, and when he was younger he would climb up into the laps of visitors to the house whether they wanted him to or not. He allowed young kids to carry him around, dress him up and baby him.

Jack was an avid hunter. Our yard had virtually no 4 legged pests because Jack would hunt them down and bring me trophies. I can’t count the number of moles, voles, mice and birds Jack laid on my back porch.

He was happiest curled up on your lap. We’ll miss you buddy!

1 thought on “Jack the Cat”

  1. Besides rodent pests he also ate Dorito’s and popcorn. Remember when we stuck him up in the attic to hunt starlings? He was the best pet ever.

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