Why I Like Rhinos…



Rhinos are incredible animals and a wonderful picture of a life lived by faith and not sight.  Did you know that a rhino can only see 30 feet in front of him?  They have absolutely no clue of what’s beyond that 30 foot mark. You could totally make fun of a rhino at 31 feet and he’d never see it, but at 30 feet, watch out!  In addition, a charging rhino moves at 30 miles per hour. Pretty fast! And at their weight and speed, you definitely don’t want to be in their way.

So picture a charging rhino, moving at 30 mph and only seeing the first 30 feet in front of him.  There could be a wall at 50 feet out and the rhino wouldn’t know that when he first starts running.

This is one picture of my faith journey – I am a charging rhino, trusting that God’s laid out the journey ahead of me and has given me enough room to make course corrections when I need them.

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