She can’t possibly be 25!

…. but she is today.  Twenty-five years ago today at roughly 4:00 pm, my beautiful daughter, Rebecca Ashley, entered the world.  Today, I’m celebrating the gift I was given then.

We had many conversations about her name, her father and I, but it was chosen because it seemed a strong, but still a beautifully-feminine name.  I remember thinking this will be a name she can be proud to put on a corporate office door some day or on a business card.  Those descriptions of her name now seem to be prophetic, because they are what I would use to describe her today.

My daughter is strong, but perhaps fierce is a better word.  She loves fiercely, and she fights fiercely for the people she loves, the causes she loves and for what she believes is right. She is a fierce champion of the underdog. She is a force to be reckoned with and I mean that in all the best ways.

She is beautifully feminine as well.  She’s strikingly beautiful, both in her physical appearance, but in her personality as well.  She loves eye-shadow, lip gloss, long-flowing red hair.  She has the most hauntingly, beautiful soprano voice, like Charlotte Church or Amy Lee from Evanescence.  She has a cute little pixie laugh that her father tries to coax out of her whenever he sees her. 

A friend of mine, who met her the first time on Thursday, said that pictures just don’t do justice to her beauty. And she’s right.

Neither do my words.

I love you fiercely, Rebecca!

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