How much is wise?

Recently I was blessed with a position of leadership. Thanks for that go to my LORD first and then to my leaders. I am grateful that God has been molding me into someone He could use.

That said, I’ve taken some time away from my blog while I examine this topic – How much is wise? I’ve been weighing the benefits of transparency vs the cost of it.

Is there a cost to my transparency?

How big is that cost?

What are the benefits?

Who benefits?

I haven’t decided anything yet, but am still pondering…

I do know this. When I go back to my purpose for this blog stated here and in my post on April 5:

I pray that my blog will be to you the aroma of Christ, that it will reflect the Lord’s glory as I am transformed into his likeness by his Spirit, and that through it, others will see Jesus clearly and never distorted.

and my plan to blog on what God is teaching me, then I guess I’ve answered my question.

LORD, may it always be for your glory and your purposes and never mine.

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