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So, I’m Here

The hotel is nice and I have a meeting with the lawyer in about an hour.  I’ve been asked by our government friend to push the lawyer into moving more quickly.  So, if you know me at all, you know I’ll be pushing.

We’ve had a bit of a hiccup unfortunately in the embassy processes.  Somehow, I managed to only email one of the birth certificates for translation into English.  In addition, the hotel’s business center is 1998 style.  So printing is a big issue.  I’ll try again tonight, but the computer I was working on didn’t have acrobat reader on it and it wasn’t downloading easy.  Oh for a travel printer right about now…. It looks like filing the I600 might have to wait until next Monday or maybe on Thursday when Brian comes down.  Who knows.  We’ll see what happens at the appointment tomorrow morning ’cause I’m still going.  At least I can get some questions answered.

On the upside, we are working on a better communication method between our lawyer and the adopting families.  I’ll post more on that in the OLTCH Adopting Families private group. So if you’re one of them, be looking for a post soon.

5 thoughts on “So, I’m Here”

  1. I talked to some friends in CITRT about your printing conundrum. Here’s what they had to say:
    – there’s a place next to the Epi D’or called kaijzer computers – they’re the local dell partner in Haiti
    – if you just need to print something, there are little print shops all over town.

  2. A couple more follow-up bits of info:
    – some CITRT friends stayed at the Methodist compound “Freres Campus” in PAP during a mission trip, called “ecole methodiste de freres”
    – Supposedly a good place in PAP: — near a lot of the hotels; ~2km from the methodist compound

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