Making Them Beautiful Again

Making Them Beautiful Again

For years, my mom has been giving me Wallace’s Sterling Silver Sleigh Bells as my Christmas ornament. I think I have close to 20 of them now. Every year when we get out our Christmas decorations, I unpack these with dread. I know they’ll be tarnished and they always are.

This will be the last year of that! I’ve had enough battles with the silver polish! This morning, I remembered seeing a pin or a post or something about polishing your silver with a solution in a pot lined with foil. So I surfed and found it today.

Here’s the link: How to Polish Silver Video and Steps

To get these babies submerged, I needed a fairly big pot so I pulled out my 16-qt stockpot.  I needed about 5 quarts of the solution to get them covered.

Here’s the fabulous result!  What would have taken me at least 2 hours to do with silver polish, took me 10 minutes (I did them in 2 batches). And even the insides are tarnish free, something I could never achieve with silver polish!! Make sure you try this!!

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