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Visa Update

Thank you all for praying! The US Consular Section in Haiti has begun again to schedule these appointments. Families who received approval from USCIS and who began the wait for the visa in mid-January are seeing appointments scheduled for February 20 and later.  We received our USCIS approval on January 28.

March 1, 2011 was the date of our first court appearance in Haiti.  It would be ironic if our visa appointment were scheduled for that day.  We certainly did not expect a 2 year process at that point.

On that trip in March 2011, our orphanage director told me we were looking at an 15-18 month process in Haiti.  I refused to believe her because I knew I had a big God who could move mountains and the laborious process was nothing against His power.  And I maintain that all of that is still true!  The pace of my adoption does not negate His power and does not mean that He wasn’t involved, didn’t care about me or my family.  Instead, He used these 24 months to teach me a lot about myself and to sculpt and mold me more closely to His image.

I don’t regret the last two years of this process. I am a different woman because of them.  He’s not done molding me yet and the arrival of our boys will start a new chapter in that process.

Thank you for praying for my family.

How can I be praying for you?

1 thought on “Visa Update”

  1. Good job, Natalie! So often it seems we Christians fall into the trap that says that God must not be interested in our lives just because things don’t go the way we think they should go! But, God is all encompassing and knows so many more things than what our finite brains can even imagine. It’s when we determine to follow Him, no matter how long it takes or how rough the road becomes, that His plan becomes evident to us. You’ve grown and your boys have grown. They know that you are always going to be there for them, no matter what! That’s priceless and will be something they will be able to count on once they get here and things get tough during they’re transition time. Because you know it will be tough at times. There’s not a family anywhere that doesn’t experience tough times. You have laid a solid foundation through Christ and following Him. He will build on that foundation. God Bless You!

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