Repair and Prepare

Brian and I have been in this kind of season for the last two months. We’ve had workers repairing and preparing walls to accept new coats of paint and more since we moved back into our house, but we’ve also been doing the same in our relationship.

Honestly, before he retired, I would have said we didn’t need this kind of work in our relationship. I considered our marriage to be a great one but slowly over the last six months, it became obvious that there were several flaws/holes that needed repair.

As our painting crew was painting one wall in particular, they repaired the obvious holes and then primed and painted the walls. It looked beautiful until about 2pm. At that point of every day, the sun shone in through our palladium windows and lit that wall with bright light. Every day at 2 pm, five spots appeared on that wall that were almost undetectable at any other time of day.

The little things that slightly annoyed us about each other while Brian was working and commuting 13.5 hours a day were easily pushed aside in favor of reconnecting at the end of the day. But when you are with someone nearly 24/7 you are also with all of the things that irritate each other. The raw sunlight of togetherness had the holes in our marriage on full display.

So we are repairing and preparing for the new season to come. We aren’t repairing on our own because we’ve found that simply doesn’t work. You hire a professional.

Most of the holes in the walls of our home here and been spackled and sanded by our son. He attempted but they needed professional help. They are filled now and the walls are painted and spectacular.

We’ve hired a professional to do the same work in us.

What repairing and preparing needs to be done in your home or life?

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