Frankie The ….

The handsome guy with the black collar is Frank.  The even more handsome guy with the glasses, is my fabulous husband, B.

We found Frank under our deck in October when he was 5 weeks old and rescued him from a certain fate of death at the hands of our dog, Molly. Said rescue entailed bringing him into our house where said Molly lives. Brilliant idea, right? Our logic may have been a little flawed at the time.  We were starstruck by his bright blue eyes.

Frank is now almost 16 weeks old and he has stolen nearly everyone’s heart, including the heart of the one we were sure would kill him, Miss Molly.

She can’t help but love him either.

We originally called him Frank, after Frank Sinatra. He’d be “Baby Blue Eyes” instead of “Old Blue Eyes”.  But sadly, his eyes turned into regular yellow tabby eyes.

Now, he’s just plain Frank, or Frankie, or little man.  He comes when he’s called by anyone of the three.

Today we’ll find out how much he likes the Christmas tree.  That ought to be fun.  Pics to come, hopefully not of Christmas tree havoc at his paws….