How you say it…

I watched a beautiful video on facebook today. Here it is:

It reminded me of how powerful my words can be.

Some of you might wish I would stop posting about racial injustice, however, I know how powerful words can be and so I post.

  • I post so that my children will know that their mother fought hard against the injustices they will face.
  • I post so that my black friends know that they have an ally in me.
  • I post, always hopeful that some of my white friends might read what I have shared or what I have written and allow it to challenge their view of the world.
  • I post because I am a follower of Christ and he calls me to love others and sometimes love means pointing out sin. I wish I was more like him because he would do it differently. I’m working on that.
  • I post because to stop posting would mean that I believe my words don’t matter.
  • I post because to stop posting would mean that I surrendered to the idea that the world can’t be changed, or even one person can’t change.
  • I post because to stop posting would mean that I believe racism in all its forms, (institutionalized racism, racist individuals and racist groups) has been eliminated.

So I will post.

Bible Study, faith

There’s always hope!

A good friend of mine, Ray Washington, posted a blog today about embracing and unity. As part of that blog, he included this video. Take a minute and view it, then come back and let’s chat.

What a great lesson in not giving up. When things seemed most dark, the crocodiles were trying to get the calf’s leg, the lions had it by the throat, then here came the buffalo. And not just one, but the whole herd.

Together we can fight great spiritual battles that seem hopeless when we are on our own. The body of Christ working together can bring His hope, His light and His resolution to any situation.

Galatians 6:9
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

I love you much, my brothers and sisters!