Crazy, Busy, Good, Now What?

It’s been a busy last few days and I haven’t made time to blog or even to read. Tonight, however, it’s just me and the silence in the house.

All the humans, except me, of course, are out. The dogs are curled up, the cats are curled up and I’m sitting relaxed in my recliner doing the very thing I love most – writing. The only way it could be better is if I had my own personal waiter to fill my drink cup, which is coincidentally empty, and to bring me dinner.

Back to the writing….

The crazy from this week:

.. forgetting to make preparations for my father-in-law’s arrival on Wednesday night
.. mistaking the time on football equipment turn-in with multiple parents waiting for me to arrive
.. discovering the requirement for a seventh grade project four days after it was due

The busy:

.. something every night
.. something every afternoon

The good:

.. connecting with an adult cousin I have never had a chance to know. Hi Chris 😉
.. playing with Marley Marie, my granddaughter and watching her smile.
.. knowing my grandmother has chosen to forgive and be forgiven prior to leaving this life.
.. a great relationship with my daughter-in-law and the continuing development of one with my son-in-law
.. hearing my sixth grader verbally agree with me that I’m an awesome mom. No bribes needed 😀
.. the smile of my seventh grader when he sees me.
.. the reassuring hug of my grown son
.. the friendship of my beautiful daughter
.. the constant love, quiet support and strength of the gentle man who is my husband

Now what?

.. Lord, lead Brian and I as we seek your will for our involvement in Haiti.
.. Our quiver doesn’t feel full, shall we add two more?