weight management

Nothing tastes as good as…

being thin feels! I never believed that Weight Watchers mantra until I started the HCG diet. When you’re losing 5+ pounds a week, it’s oh, so true.

I am on day 26 of my second round of HCG with two weeks left to go. I have dropped 21.5 pounds this round and more than 4 inches off my waist. I wish I could find my starting measurements for the first round so I could tell you the total inches off my waist, but alas I can’t. Since I started my first round of HCG in August, I have dropped a total of 42.5 pounds.

Based on my current rate of loss (.826 pounds per day), I will lose an additional 11.5 pounds by the end. That will put me at a total loss of 54 pounds since August.

I’m posting this today from an airline seat on my way to my grandmother’s memorial service in Seattle. The last plane ride I was on, I think I was pretty close to having to ask for an extender and I’d had to suck it in for the tray table to be flat.

Today, however, I am enjoying at least 4″ of stomach room before the seatback tray table starts and my seatbelt has an extra 9 or 10″ on it! Woohoo!!!! I don’t feel like I am crowding the person next to me, in fact there is no hangover at all!!

I’ll do two more rounds of HCG, the next one starting after Easter.

If you need to lose some weight, you need to really check this diet out!!!

P.S. By the way, my doctor whole-heartedly approves of the HCG diet and is thrilled with my progress.