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Don’t Put it Down!!!!

Ok, I have to laugh at myself. I’m looking back at this morning, and the three previous days of this week and laughing at my stupidity. (I know it’s a harsh word, but you’ll soon see why it applies.)

On Monday and Tuesday, I was gripped by immense pain so much so that I had to go home from work both days. Most of you who really know me, know that it takes a lot to get me to home from work, but no one had to chase me out either day. I spent the rest of each day, literally curled in the fetal position and other things to delicate to mention here.

On Tuesday morning, word came from the orphanage that there was a very urgent need for prayer regarding a “significant” legal issue and we were requested to pray unceasingly (which I did from my bed).

On Wednesday morning, I was back at work for less than an hour when I was called back to my sons’ school because my youngest was vomiting. No sooner do I get him home, then I receive an email saying the next oldest has received lunch detention for being disrespectful to a teacher, then a call from the school nurse that he’s been punched in the back of the head by another student, all to be followed by the 8th grade principal calling to detail what he had done to provoke the punching.

In the midst of all this, my husband has been suffering nausea and headaches.

Then this morning, I get a text from my daughter-in-law that has me on edge for that family and another email from my husband saying that he’s got that nausea again.

It took me until this afternoon to realize the source of all of this strife this week.

See I had put down my armor…

As I picked it back up again this afternoon (a bit late I admit), I pulled out the prayer at the back of John Eldredge’s book, Waking the Dead. If you haven’t picked this book up yet, it’s certainly not because I haven’t mentioned it over and over.

In the prayer are these words…

I now bring the cross of Christ between me and all people, all spirits, all things.

and these…

Jesus, I also sincerely receive you as my authority and rule, my everlasting victory over Satan and his kingdom, and I receive all the work and triumph of your ascension, whereby Satan has been judged and cast down, his rulers and authorities disarmed,’° all authority in heaven and on earth given to you, Jesus,” and I have been given fullness in you, the Head over all.  I take my place in your ascension, whereby I have been raised with you to the right hand of the Father and established with you in all authority.” I bring your authority and your kingdom rule over my life, my family, my household, and my domain. And now I bring the fullness of your work your cross, resurrection, and ascension-against Satan, against his kingdom, and against all his emissaries and all their work warring against me and my domain. Greater is he who is in me than he who is in  the world.’ Christ has given me authority to overcome all the power of the Evil One, and I claim that authority now over and against every enemy, and I banish them in the name of Jesus Christ.

I have to confess every time I read the line about bringing the cross of Christ between me and all people, spirits and things, the mental picture that comes to my head is this one…

I was discussing my week and this mental image with a brother of mine and the fact that I hadn’t really been warring in prayer over my family. The first thing he said made me laugh out loud.  “Satan has that same pasty white skin and the plastic fangs and the scary look but when we hold up the cross of Christ, he cowers in fear.”

The second thing he said was this, “Satan never stopped coming at you, Natalie, you put that cross down and had it down all week.” Ooh, that hurt.  And therein lies my stupidity and the reason for the title of this post.

Peter reminds us of Satan’s tenacity in I Peter 5:8:

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Satan only cowers when we invoke our authority, when we don’t he roams around looking to see what damage he can do.

I put my guard down this week, but I’ve picked it back up.  Don’t put yours down! Make him cower in fear at the authority you have in Christ Jesus!

If you don’t know Jesus as your personal savior, take a few moments even now to ask him into your life and make you new from the inside out. He’ll give you a new life!

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